Race Information


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Race Information


Osaka Prefectural government
Osaka Municipal government
Osaka Association of All Athletics


The Yomiuri Shimbun
The Mainichi Newspapers Co.,Ltd
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Japan Association of Athletics Federations

Race Date and Starting Time

Sunday February 26, 2023 at 9:15a.m.

The Course

Osaka Marathon Course (JAAF/WA/AIMS certified)
Start in front of Osaka Prefectural Government Building - Finish in Osaka Castle Park 42.195km
In addition to the full-length marathon, records for 20km, half marathon, 25km and 30km for eligible finishers are also recognized. 

Qualifications for entry

  1. The athlete must fulfill the following conditions I & II to submit an entry. 
    1. Athletes registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) for the year 2022 who are 19 years old or older on the day of the event. 
    2. Those who have set any of the following official records in certified races held anywhere after April 1, 2019 and before the application deadline.  
      Men’s Marathon 2:28:00
      Men’s Half marathon 1:08:30
      Men’s 30k 1:40:00
      Men’s 20k 1:04:00
      Men’s 10000m 31:00
      Women’s Marathon 3:00:00
      Women’s Half marathon 1:20:00
      Women’s 30k 2:02:00
      Women’s 20k 1:16:00
      Women’s 10000m 35:00

  2. The athletes in both men’s and women’s fields recommended by organizers.
  3. The athletes from home and abroad in both men’s and women’s fields invited by organizers.

Race Rules

The event will abide by the rules and regulations of the World Athletics (WA), 2022 JAAF as well as Osaka Marathon. The event is a Gold Label Race recognized by WA, and the WA Road Race Label Regulations also apply.

Participation Capacity(Elite Category)

Approx. 300 athletes in total from men’s and women’s fields.
The capacity is subject to change due to the possible COVID-19 countermeasures set by the race organizer.

Entry Fee

18,200JPY (Part of the entry fee goes to the charity.)

*Osaka Marathon from its very first race has continued conducting a unique charity program.All participated athletes contribute the charity.

Entry Application from overseas

For those who are not registered with the JAAF and wish to place application from overseas, please let us notified by e-mail at your earliest convenience. The registration procedure for non-JAAF-registered athletes differs from standard application process and thus requires individual handling.

Please fill out the entry form found on our website. With the approval of your affiliated federation (official’s signature is mandatory), submit the completed form to the following  address no later than 31 December, 2022.
[email protected]
Please include "Osaka Marathon 2023" into the title of your mail when you send us your enquiries and/or entry form.

Please note that all registration enquiries regarding the 2023 marathon must be made no later than 31 December, 2022. No applications or enquiries will be accepted after this date.


Information on accommodations will be provided individually to those in need.

Athlete's Village

Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka


Saturday February 25, 2023 2:00p.m.-6:00p.m.
At Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka

Health check will be performed at the site, so only the person himself / herself can sign in.

Dropping in self-prepared aid drink

Sunday February 26, 2023 6:00a.m.-6:30a.m.
At Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka
Sunday February 26, 2023 6:30a.m.-7:00a.m.
In the starting point area (Near Osaka Prefectural Government Building)

Privacy Policy

Osaka Marathon Committee understands the importance of protecting personal information and the organizing committee will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy protection in handling athletes’ information.

Doping Control

Doping tests will be carried out under the WADA and the JADA anti-doping rules and regulations.
Additionally, if you are under medical treatment with Non-approved and/or prohibited substances and/or methods listed in the World Anti-Doping Code International Standard Prohibited List, submittal of completed TUE application form is required.


The organizers may alter the race outline, schedules, and other details in case of the outbreak of COVID-19, natural disasters such as earthquake, storm and flood damage, and so on. In order to prioritize the health and safety of athletes and officials, the organizers may ask athletes traveling from overseas to withdraw from the race. Please follow the instructions given by the organizers.

Please follow the guidelines provided by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare When entering Japan. All the expenses incurred in responding Japanese border measures will be paid at your own cost. For more information on Japanese border measures please refer to the link below.

The result of Osaka Marathon 2023 will be promptly sent to WA after it is concluded and utilized in World Athletics Rankings.


Osaka Marathon 2023 (elite category)
(Osaka Marathon and Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon were combined in 2022.)

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